Sculptural gallery

We can watch a collection of religious imagenery whose chronology covers from Middle-Ages to the late barroque. All the pieces come from different churches and convents in Tudela. They are made in carved polychromed wood, except the Virgin of Fascistol made in Ivory.

From the walkway we can watch two examples of the Reinassance altarpieces and one from the Barroque.

Sala de escultura
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Virgen marfil

Sculpture in Ivory. XVII century. Francisco de Nanclares. Tudela cathedral. Tudela's Cathedral.

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Featured pieces

Santa Ana and San Joaquin sculpture

In this room of the museum it is remarkable the sculptural groupSanta Ana with the Virgin girl and San Joaquin. They belong to the beginning of Neoclasicism, are made in polychrome wood and the author was Ramón Amadeu, imagenery Catalonian master. This artist is related to the Imagenery school in Olot and the neoclassical sculpture of that time.

Iconographically represents Santa Ana as an adult taking the Virgin girl. The mother transmits wisdom to her daughter by Reading.

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