Activities and services

Activities and services

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Taller infantil de Navidad en el museo
Conferencia “Restauración de la escultura de Santa Ana, la Vieja”
Visitas guiadas puente Diciembre 2022
Visitas guiadas

Guided tours

Visit the Cathedral and the historic part of Tudela.

Contact the Museum for guided tours. Qualified staff.

Talleres didácticos

Educational workshops

Throughout the year the museum offers didactic workshops of different content related to the collection of the museum, the cathedral and the cloister. Especially aimed for children.

Jornadas de estudio


The museum organizes some study days in order to promote and disseminate the collection and try to follow the functions of a museum: research, education, conservation and protection of the heritage.

Recursos didácticos

Educational Material

The museum is committed to education providing resources from Primary to A levels. There are 5 Booklets which students can use as a learning tool of knowledge of our collection.

Visit our shop

In the museum you can also find a store with different items related to it and the activities we do.

Guía Museo de Tudela
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